Friday, September 17, 2010

Life in a day, or week, or perhaps a month but probably a year in the life of the Huntington.

We have so many projects going. It seems that being landlords, and owning a old home there is always something that needs to be done. The rebates are pretty good on having insulation put in homes so Sun Rock did us a fine job on the apartments. We decided to get rid of the swamp coolers on our house and have refrigeration units put in. Was a very big job getting the coolers of the roof and patching all the holes.
Next Garn had to pour a pad for the outside refrigeration units.
He did such a good job I think he needs to find employment finishing cement. We could sure use the money.
Now for the plumbing inside the house, I had to move everything out of the big closets so Reid could put all the wireing and tubes to the inside units.
Cement pad is dry so the outside units are now in place.

Reid is connecting everything inside and out. What a wonderful craftsman he is.Next Garn built a railing to protect the outside units from any one running into them. Wonder what he would rather be, a cement finisher or a welder.
Heaven forbid, we decided to start another project and redo the laundry room. Reid has all these wonderful ideas so with my permission ripped into the wall so now we have a door between my garage and the laundry room. SWEET!!!

Garn couldn't stand just watching so he had to get involved in the demolation derby.OK so if we are going to have a bigger and nicer laundry room then we need to think about redoing the floor. For 42 years I had been satisfied with old half painted cement floors. After all its just a laundry room, not the Tashma hall. So we called on Hi-Tech Coatings, Simon Ross-Hill and his son.
Simon is from England and I loved to hear him talk. They have been in St. George 14 years. They also did excellent work.

First they really cleaned the floor, then they put a base coat on it, followed by a color coat. Each step taking a full day.
Next they sprinkled on the color flakes. Followed by a coat of urethane. Then we had to let it dry for 5 days.
In the meantime, we had Jones Paint & Glass put 6 new windows in the apartments.

Then in Garns spare time he fixed some lights.
Then he moved some dirt with his tractor.We hired one of our renters to fix a leak in the roof of the house he is renting.
Now I will give you one guess about what I am doing while all these guys are working. Well I have made a million trips to the garbage dumpster just trying to pick up all the trash they leave while they are working.

So that sums it up, about a day, week, month or year in the life of the Huntingtons. It will still be several weeks before the laundry room is finished, they maybe we'll take a brake from projects for a while.


LGH said...

HA! That last statement you made is mighty you would actually would ever take a break from projects. I'm not going to hold my breath on that one. But, it just amazed me to look at all the pictures....goodness, Dorothy...when you do something, you certainly do it in a very big way, that's for sure! What a lot of work. You rock, girl!

Delirious said...

Wow! That's a lot of work! We have been doing some renovations on our house in the past couple of years, so I sympathize with the mess and hassle. But I love your new laundry room floor!! And how did you survive all these years in St. George without refrigerated cooling? Everything looks great!