Thursday, September 30, 2010


I did my last blog on Sept 17 and now its the 29th. I know we are making progress but I'm just not good being in such a mess. I don't mind clutter but it must be organized. This is Reid and he does such a awesome job but he also has a real job so can't spend as much time here as he would like. This is the laundry room so there is quite a bit to still be done. We decided to plant shrubs along our west property line. We are putting in HEAVENLY CLOUD, a variety of TEXAS SAGE. They bloom beautiful purple flowers several times during the summer. They actually bloom according to the humidity and rain in the area.

Poor Garn putting in the water system. HE SURELY WORKS HARD. TO MAKE ME HAPPY.

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LGH said...

Holy cow! Another project...the new row of bushes?!?!?!? I didn't know about that additional project. But, those are gorgeous when they have theose brilliant purple flowers blooming. Dorothy, you are funny. You like your clutter to be organized; that's good. Will you come help me organize my clutter some day? Good luck over the next little while....hope it gets done soon.