Sunday, September 27, 2009


This is the story of Garn and his animals.
This is Shadow a cat that showed up at our place about 5 years ago. So wild you couldn't get near her, and now she waits for Garn every morning and followes him everywhere. This is Mama Llama and her baby Smudge, in the back is Chocolate, who is still a little afraid of getting close, but still wants her share of the hay.
Chocolate won't get very close, but reaches for her food, while the sheep watch and wait for the Llama to drop the cube hay then they grab it.

Now comes NEBS, our newest addition. A VERY FAMOUS DONKEY. He came from our Branham family in Iowa where he has been in 4H shows, and pulled the wagon in many parades. But his bigest claim to fame is the live Nativity scenes where he gets to carry Mary to the stable. Our Daughter Ellen holds live Nativity programs at Christmas time in their big barn and people come from miles around to see them. In this picture Garn is calling "here Nebs, here Nebs" you can see him in the distance and the sheep and llamas are very curious and not very happy about him coming to their home.

As soon as Nebs gets close, the sheep and llamas take off on the run to the other side of the pasture.Then they slowely creep back
and watch as Garn makes friends with Nebs.

This is as close as they will get to him

Now Garn will "love on Nebs" and before long they will all be friends.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

I would love to be a copy cat

I would love to be a copy cat, because I have a friend that seems to be so perfect in everything she does, I would love to copy her, but there is no way I can measure up to her and could never copy any of her accomplishments.

She has a perfect house, everything has a place and everything is always in it's place. Her house is so perfect that they do house exchanges with people all over the world. Just in the past year they have exchanged homes and cars with people in England, Scotland, Canada, New York, Virginia, and probably others that I have forgotten. Right now they are in Flagstaff AZ and are visiting Sedona, Petrified Forest, Grand Canyon and other places of interest in the ares.

Her and her husband could get the award for being entertainers of the year. They are always and forever having friends over for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and serving perfect food.

They have served very honorable missions for their church and are perfect in visiting teaching and home teaching. They are helpful in their neighborhood and are always there when anyone needs a helping hand or a pat on the back.

In their family of 5 children, education is very important and they have 4 doctors, and a very successful photographer. Now who could ever copy that.

I am so thankful for the friendship of this person and altho I will never be able to copy the enormous, huge, gigantic, colossal things she does I will forever try to copy some of the small, minor, trivial, insignificant things that I see her do.