Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Have had a very busy month.
This is at the Flanigan reunion.
First one since my mother died.
This is my Grand Daughter Ciera and I
participating in the talent show.

This is a long lost cousin David,
he is the only Flanigan to carry on my Grandfathers name.

Then we went to Alaska to visit
our friends the Hackworths, Allen & Loni.
What a awesome time we had.
This is at the airport where they picked us up.
This is Garn and Allen
at the Byron Glacier in Portage Lake area.
At the zoo the bears were soooooooooo cute.
The moose were walking around in neighborhoods.
After coming home from Alaska we went
to my Hurricane High Class Reunion.
Do you recognize any of these OLD FOLKS?


Delirious said...

I'm sorry to hear about your mother, this is the first I've heard the news. She was very cute. :)

I want to go to Alaska some day! I bet you had fun!

LGH said...

Hey, Dorothy, great pictures....loved the one of you and Ciera playing together. What a fun thing to get to play with your granddaughter. Ahhh, memories. The ALaska trip was lots better because you were there to share it with us.

Inklings said...

You look much younger than the rest of your class mates, for sure!