Friday, February 19, 2010


I am a great fan of COUNTRY MUSIC. The concert by Travis Tritt last night at Dixie College reaffirmed my love for the music. This Picture I took of him in 1990 when we were in Nashville. The following 5 pictures are ones that I took last night. In 20 years he has not changed, except that his hair is shorter.

In 2003 the Golden Girl's traveled to Nashville. We did everything there was to do, and saw everything there was to see. What a trip, I love these girls.

In 1990 Garn & I spent a week in Nashville at FAN FAIR. Was one of my most enjoyable vacations.
Tanya Tucker was in her prime. Her connection to St. George in the 70's gives us reason to love her.

Randy Travis is one of my all time favorites. I still have a Tshirt that I bought from his store in 1990 that says " I Have Been Digging Up Bones with Randy Travis"

However, ALAN JACKSON in my all time, all time favorite. This pictures was also taken in 1990 in Nashville. Did you know he is bald headed under that hat? Wouldn't know it with all the long curly blond hair.

This picture was also taken in 1990. Hank Thompson was being inducted into the Country Music Hall Of Fame in Nashville.
Wonder if I would like curly hair like that again.

This picture of Ricky Skaggs was taken in 2003 when I was in Nashville with the GIRLS. He was doing country music at that time but now he is more into bluegrass.


Delirious said...

I love Travis Tritt too, there is something about his deep voice that is so unique!

LGH said...

Hey, I love the new polka-dotted look. And, I loved these pictures. You rock, or maybe, you country!