Friday, May 8, 2009

5-2009 WAVE

What a day. We had worried for a week about the weather, as all the reports said rain, rain, rain. Well we went anyway, and here we are at the WAVE, or Coyote Buttes. A perfect day, except for the wind. Our good friends, Megs and Howard Putnam, and Sue & Frank Melton were such troopers and never complained. I will keep trying to get tickets, and who knows maybe we'll take YOU with us next time.

There are not words in my vocabulary
to describe the beauty in the following pictures,


Jessie said...

Its so beautiful there! Looks like you all had a fun time, love ya!

Inklings said...

Incredible pictures, thanks for posting since I may never see it in person. :0)

Nene said...

Absolutely amazing! Thanks for posting these pics!

LGH said...

Dorothy, you are so greast to do this challenging hike; love your spirit of adventure! And, I hope this time you don't lose any toenails! The pictures are incredible, as you say, there is just so much beauty to behold. Thanks for sharing The Wave with those of us who will never get there!