Monday, April 6, 2009


Here are a few pictures that are in no particular sequence. However they are reminders of some of the best and worst times in our life. Mostly for the best. The flowers have a certain meaning and Garn gives them to me like this every anniversary. The 3 pinks are for the 3 darling daughters that we have. The 2 whites are for the sad times when we lost both of our boys. The red is for our long and sustaining love. In the pictures you will see friends, old and new that are so important in our lives, even tho some of them we rarely see. Anyway, HAPPY 53rd ANNIVERSARY TO GARN & DOROTHY.

Our friends the Hackworths Loni & Allen, we have so much fun with themOur 9 very very special grandchildren. Tyler,Jason,Andee,Randi,Bridger,Jessie,Kristi, Ciera & Tina.Our 3 lovely daughters and spouses.

Nick, Becky, Bud, Ellen, Barbara & Del All 26 of our family on my Mothers 100th BirthdayCamping with my Mom & Dad back in the 70sI sang with the Bountiful Sweet Adelines long time ago. Loved it.The GOLDEN GIRLS. HOOTERS HERE WE COME.

The OTHG. Are we so lucky to still be alive and healthy.Vacation in Puerto Vallarta doing the zip lines.What a special day, our Mother to the Temple.Golden Girls in Nashville.

A very cold but special winter. Volunteers at the OLYMPICS .

Garn's heart surgery, was so scarry
but very successful.
ATV's with our kids, & grandkids

Here we were barrel raceing on the 4 wheelers.What wonderful friends the Andersons & Blanches.Our trip to New Orleans.MUSIC, such a fun part of our lives.

This is Dallas, Ronnie, Jerry & Fawn at Garns 60th Birthday.What a experience. Building a boat and RV repair garage.

Was really glad to sell it.One of my very best friends. Helen Redd. She died in her early 50s.


More Music. The Roommates. Garn, Scott, Dorothy & Larry.MARK!!! What can I say. We miss you so much.This was Graduation day for Ellen, Barbara & Garn.OUR HOUSE. WE RAISED THREE WONDERFUL DAUGHTERS AND ONE AWESOME SON.


Delirious said...

Congratulations on such a successful marriage! You have had such a fun life together.

I love that picture of Mark, I just love him.

LGH said...

Dear friend, Dorothy,
I don't know why, but this post made me very emotional. I absolutely LOVED all the pictures and comments. I consider it one of my greatest blessings to have met you in church that day a few years ago. You and Garn are dear, dear friends, and I love your support and loyalty to each other. I can't believe it has been three years since we met at Rococcos for your 50th - wasn't it just a few months ago? Look how truly beautiful you are in all these pictures - you just keep getting more and more attractive; what's your secret? Or, who's your plastic surgeon? (By the way, why is the comment section so far removed from all the pictures?)

Inklings said...

I loved this blog! Thanks for doing it and posting so many great pictures. Happy Anniversary!