Friday, September 12, 2008


This is our awesome girls and their spouses. Nick & Becky,
Bud & Ellen , Del & Barbara.
Becky and Nick have 2 motels in West Yellowstone. They run the motels themselves so they work very very hard and long. They are open about 6 months in the summer and 3 months in the winter. The other 3 months they spend some time on repairs and fixup then they play as hard on their time off, as they work when they are open.

Bud and Ellen are still in Iowa. Their baby daughter Kristi just left for college, so now they are empty nesters. We are hopeing that soon they move closer to Utah, cause we miss them so very much. They still have several horses and do the usual horse things which takes lots of their time. They both have demanding jobs, and they also spend much time doing Church work. Bud just got released as the Branch President and is now a High Counselman. Ellen is still working for a dentist.

Barbara and Del are our tech specialests. Del has built our computers and bails me out of trouble when I mess things up. He still works for Sky West and does lots of traveling to teach classes, mostly in the West and in Canada. Barbara retired from Delta, but we all got to keep our flying privelages. I just can't explain or thank her enough for the experiences she has afforded us. Later on I will post information about some of our trips. Barbara spends much time in the church and school system & she still has 3 kids at home.

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